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Vacation home VR view

Explore a 360 degree view of this vacation home designed by our team in 2020.

This Cozy Vacation home located at Thazhava, Kollam is designed for a family that's settled in the U.S and chose to have a cottage -like home with traditional Kerala elements, to indulge in during their holidays. Planned to the last detail, The home has long colonnaded verandahs, and projecting roof over an open plan living dining kitchen (with an island!) and a Bedroom with an attached walk in wardrobe and washroom.

Large french windows, a long window taking up the entire length of the kitchen slab as well as a small skylit court projection on one end keeps the home well-lit and roomy at all times. The interiors are kept warm and decorative with unique decorative lighting elements , custom furniture and wooden textures.

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