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9500 sqft

This 9500 sqft home situated in Kerala is one of a kind. The show stopping concrete curves on the facade of this architectural marvel is what make it stand out from the crowd. The curved car-porch with steel columns, the water fountains on the side, and the long verandahs that shade the rooms effectively, and a fully equipped home theatre are just few of the many elements that add to the wow factor.


The interiors are also styled keeping in mind the concept of the structure itself, The curved ceiling work ,fully custom furniture, an interior water wall, a massive staircase and landing area, double heights and vertical slit pergolas are what keeps the living spaces feeling luxe and classy. The dining area has a mirrored ceiling work strategically placed to maximise the height of the room, it opens out into a private backyard that has a beautiful garden! A breakfast nook in the main kitchen is also a beautiful space given to enjoy scrumptious meals with the family.

23   /   11   /   2016

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